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Parents Page

Is My Teen A Tagger ?

What can I do as a parent?

As a parent you should look for simple clues that may tell you your teen is a tagger.

1. Does your teen keep a" piece book"? A piece book is a sketchbook, binder, notepad, or other art material. Do the books contain cartoon like work, calligraphy style writing or recurring nicknames or phrases?

2. Does your teen  scribble words on personal items, such as backpacks, binders, or shoes?

3. Does your teen have a collection of markers, spray paint cans, or spray can tips?
If this sounds like your teen, we strongly suggest you further investigate.  You could be held liable. Laws allow for courts to order parents to serve in a graffiti abatement program or other community service with their child. Also you could be required to pay  fines & other cost.

You should contact your local law enforcement's graffiti officer, campus police officer or patrol officer for your area. You may also contact Teens Against Graffiti for more information & resources.