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Getting Involved

Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. On this page we present you with  different options for getting involved with T.A.G.

Volunteer Your Time

People become T.A.G. volunteers for many reasons:

Many haven an intrest in crime prevention or teaching.

They want to make new, freinds, have fun & make a difference in their own communtiy.

The chance to gain & develop those valuable laeadership & communication skills.

Volunteer postions count as work experience.

Some people do it for school credit, college acceptance or scholarship requirements.

And then some people just want to make thier community a beautiful place to live.


Make a Donation

Cash contributions & donations of supplies are appreciated just the same. Please e-mail us for info     

Here is a list of supplies we could use:

 From printing of  promotional & educational materials, to  computer equipment, web hosting, cellualar service, 2 way radio's,  digital cameras, and video cameras, plus major items like trucks, trailers, painting & sand blasting equipment.