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What Is Graffiti ?

What is graffiti ?

Graffiti is commonly know as any unauthorized inscription, word, figure, or design, that is marked, etched, scratched, drawn, or painted.
4 Types Of Graffiti:
Gang Graffiti:  Committed by both juvenile & adult street gangs. Their purpose is to mark territory.
Tagger Graffiti:  Tagging is the most common type of graffiti.  It is done by individuals, or groups  called crews.  Their sole purpose is establishing a reputation or notoriety among their peers.  Putting themselves in harms way & risking arrest add to their thrill & reputation.
"Graff Art":  These are the people who say thier into it for the art.  Usually their graffiti is similar to a murual.  They believe nothing is wrong with placing their pieces (tagging) on private or government property.
Hate Graffiti:  This is mostly done by hate groups, who have racist, prejudice, or other discriminatory views.